Charly Moore


born in Germany, August 1956. I am a photographer specializing in Landscape and Wildlife photography based in Ivins, Utah. I have lived in the Southwest for the past 14 years. I opened my new gallery inside the Kayenta Art Village were my photography is being displayed. My fascination for landscape and wildlife has come from the love of the areas and the beauty it holds within. I enjoy photographing the southwest, but also enjoy photographing other regions. Looking at my images on the wall is totally different how I imagine the viewer sees my work. I see my work through the journey, without the journey the work is meaningless. I have walked though each picture and stopped to record the direction of my experience. The longer the walk, the more in touch I feel with the land, the more my senses are heightened and acute. The longer the walk, the better the images become because my sight becomes attuned to the subtle details nature presents. I have met many photographers over the years from which I also draw inspiration and admire their personal visions.


I currently use: Nikon D5;D4; D800; D300 w/ 14-24 f2.8; 24-70 f2.8; 70-200 f2.8 & 600mm f4 lenses and a Nikon D 300 w/10-24 f3.5; 18-200 f3.5 & 200-400 f4 lenses.
Really Right Stuff Versa 3 tripod, BH-55 Ball head and Full-Gimbal head.


Prints are available from this website on metal, paper or canvas.

when you purchase a print from mystic canyon light gallery, you are not just buying the art but you are also investing in the artist and the gallery. not every photograph is available in all sizes due to different equipment used at different times and other factors. printing is an artform entirely different from creating the photograph viewable on your screen. transforming what is seen on your screen to a beautiful print for your home or office takes careful attention to detail and quality.


Canvas prints,

are the most popular buying options for the collector. canvas prints are for the buyer who wants a finished, ready to hang art piece delivered to their doorsteps. canvas has a painterly effect making the surreal look of many of charly's images come to life.


Fine art photo paper prints,

all of my prints are made on high quality photographic paper with archival quality inks. each print is carefully packed to ensure the print is protected during the shipping process.

many clients will choose a paper print medium so they can choose their own frame and matte. framing and matting options are available here at mystic canyon light gallery too but widely vary depending on each persons taste, decor and space in which the art will be displayed. 


fine art prints on metal,

metal prints represents a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into a specially coated sheet of aluminum. since the image is infused into the aluminum and not printed on top of it, your image will take on an almost magical luminescense. you have never seen a more brilliant print, colors are so vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

metal prints are water and uv resistant and easy to hang. each print will come with a special floathanger in the back and a hole for easy hanging. metal prints are for the buyer seeking a modern look with an elegant finish, vibrant colors and without any compromise of detail.



To purchase a canvas, metal or photo print, please visit my online store. https://squareup.com/market/mystic-canyon-light-gallery or if you like a particular size, please call Charly Moore at 435-619-9475.